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Virtual Cardiorenal Winter School - Impressions of ESRs

Impressions of the Cardiorenal Winter School:

“As an Early-Stage Researcher of Strategy-CKD ITN, this year I attended the annual Cardiorenal Winter School for the first time. The event held between 1st and 3rd February, was organized by 5 different consortia such as the German "SFB / TRR219", the Interreg VA Euregio Meuse-Rhine "EURLIPIDS" and the EU-ITNs "INTRICARE", "CaReSyAn" and " STRATEGY-CKD ".

Although this event is usually held in person, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held via online sessions. During the three days, different presentations and speeches were organized in the form of posters, breakout sessions and rapid-fire talks. As part of a consortium of researchers aiming at a deeper understanding Chronic Kidney Disease, I found the winter school very useful and stimulating as it allowed me to gain a 360 degree view on current research and immediate future developments in the field, I personally have had the opportunity to get to know research works similar to mine and I think it will be really useful in the future to compare “notes” with the authors of these researches.

I consider the Cardiorenal Winter School an excellent opportunity to enhance networking with researchers from all parts of Europe. I hope next year there will be an opportunity to attend in person: a situation that will make it even easier to get closer to other participants.”

Federica Cascone

“I think the Cardiorenal Winter School was really useful in that it touched on a broad range of topics relevant for the Strategy-CKD consortium. I particularly liked the Clinician Scientist session because, as a computational basic scientist, it was exciting to hear the perspective of clinicians in research. Certainly, as pointed by others, having a chance to attend in person would allow for a more interactive experience. Thus, I too hope that next year we would be able to meet the participants in person. Regardless, I look forward to next year’s Cardiorenal Winter School.”

Daniel Dimitrov

“ESR3: I think Cardiorenal Winter School is a great on-line event. It allows us to know what other researchers are doing in similar fields and learn from each other during this special time.”

Xueli Guo

“I have found the Cardio-renal Winter School a very useful event. As an Early-Stage Researcher at the beginning of the PhD I had not had a chance to present my results, therefore I found some of the talks very inspiring. I especially enjoyed the talk of Ana Amaya Garrido on the Identification of circulating calprotectin as a predictor of cardiovascular outcome and mortality in CKD patients”.

Hubert Krukowski

“The Cardiorenal Winter School was a great opportunity for me to discover the work of other researchers. As an Early-Stage Researcher, it was an useful event to understand how they are facing their projects. I hope that next year will be in person, that will allow more participation and involvement.”

Chiara Favero

“The Cardiorenal Winter School was an excellent opportunity to be part of current debates in our field and to promote networking between different consortia. I enriched perspectives on how to manage challenges during the early stage of my research.”

Yuselys García Martínez

“The Cardiorenal Winter School program was not only a nice opportunity to discover and get to know fellow ESRs from different consortia and their respective research, but also get familiar with the different types of presentations and hear about their experiences as PhD-candidates.”

Sophie Valkenburg


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