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Kidney Run and Kidney Dance for World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day 2021 centered on "Living Well with Kidney Disease," emphasizing the importance of raising awareness and educating the public about symptom management and patient well-being. In response, STRATEGY-CKD ESRs launched a "Kidney Run" campaign. Consortium members participated by running, jogging, or cycling along routes shaped like kidneys in their cities, sharing their activities on social media. This initiative symbolized kidney health and promoted solidarity and support. Through vibrant posts, they amplified the message of World Kidney Day, inspiring others to join in and underscoring the significance of proactive health management in fighting kidney disease.

With the same goal in mind, in March and April 2021, the ESRs and several consortium labs created the "Kidney Dance." Participants danced while holding a virtual kidney, further promoting awareness and engagement with the cause.


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