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Heidelberg meeting, 17-19 September 2023

The meeting was a significant event, with all ESRs presenting their final or near-final research. They received invaluable feedback from PIs, ensuring the quality and direction of their work. We were also privileged to have guest speakers Christoph Kuppe, Sebastian Lobentanzer, and Tanine Daryoush. Their presentations not only enlightened us with their research but also introduced us to tools that will undoubtedly benefit our community.

Apart from the academic and research discussions, the event was a great opportunity for networking. The PIs and ESRs had productive interactions, and the city tour of Heidelberg added a cultural touch to our gathering. We learned about the rich history of Heidelberg University and its unique prison for students!

While many of us concluded our event on Tuesday night, a few continued their academic journey. Sophie (ESR1), Sonnal (ESR5), Yuselys (ESR8), Laura (ESR10), and Blanca (ESR12) extended their stay to attend the EMBL Human Microbiome Symposium. Their participation was marked by poster presentations, feedback sessions, and networking with some of the world's best microbiome scientists.

STRATEGY-CKD Outreach Committee


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